Saturday, February 16, 2008

Literal Translation Seminar in Manila Church

Starting from Feb. 16 to 17, we have a literal translation seminar concerning the translation from English to Tagalog. There are 10 college students and church members attended. Sister Gershan is the tutor of this seminar. The seminar will guide members to the translation of five doctrines to Tagalog and to help the evangelize to Filipinos.

We are going to continue the seminars in May and August. Sister Gershan finds that the college students are full of potentiality in writing the Tagalog evangelical articles. Apart from printing the evangelical materials, we hope that in the future Manila Church can publish their own church newsletter and run their own blog.

May God bless the divine work and lead our fore steps. Please pray for the development of Philippine Churches together.



tjcvmt said...

Guess who will be the first one tp post comment after me?

Em said...

thanks God leading us all of works.
we can see God's work in all events. it's so excited!!

Anonymous said...

oh... its really challenging imagine.Im cebuana speaking but translating English into Tagalog.. wow madugo yon ah,,,
But actually, its very easy,...joke..joke.. joke.. I win Bingo.

leemervi said...

hey guyz... it is a great opportunity to be a participant of the translation seminar... I'm the only purely tagalog speaking lady... hahaha! but still ang hirap talaga... yakang yaka naman..! God bless to all..

lee =)

Jenny said...

Haleeer!Consider me a genius kuno?
i find it easy translating English into Tagalog but the problem is there's a lot of corrections..Haaay buhaaay, Pangga Eric.

Abby said...

wow over talaga!
mabuhay!before the seminar my brain is empty but now full of....(suspense)....knowledge from God... Take care and God bless nanu pa buri nyo sabyan ko keka...


levi said...

oh! its difficult to translate English to Ilocano... Ilocano is another language here in the Philippines. Hope that this will be useful...


Candie said...

whew.. at last i've started my assignment regarding translation.. I thought I'll only be doing one thing that is magbunot ng ngipin, but God give me this opportunity to share whatever knowledge I have in English and Tagalog. I hope this will be the beginning of prosperous work here in TJC Philippines. by the way I'm not Sis. Gershan, I'm Sis. Candie..
thank you!

Sis. Candie

Sis. Rebecca said...

Perk up


althought we are back to Taiwan already.

but we are in one spirit

May God give more power to you

hope to see you again!!!

Sis. Rebecca