Thursday, February 7, 2008

你好!!! All Quezon High School students
We were so happy to meet you yesterday. Although it was for a very short time, we cherish the moment spent with you because of your sincere sweetness toward us. We had a great time through praise singing, introduction of Chinese customs, games, and skit. Your energetic response and participation made our hearts full of happiness. It was nice talking to all of you and to have this memory with you. Thank you

When we saw your smile and enjoyed of our program, we knew our training back in Taiwan was worthwhile. Thank our heavenly Father for giving us this opportunity to know you. Hope we still have the chance to know each other more. There will be an event hold by us this Sunday. More fun games, interesting crafts, and songs will be shared. New friends from Taiwan will be introduced to you and they look forward to meeting you. More interesting Taiwan souvenirs will be given out as well. We are all very excited to have be friends with you. We believe there will be many unforgettable memories. Looking forward to seeing you Sunday!!!

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