Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Photo collection of VMT4 in Manila

Photo collection of VMT4 in Manila
The linked below are the photo collections of VMT4 through this

unforgettable tour in Manila.

Come to take a look at this photo album!

See if you can find any interesting moment inside :)

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Testimony in English by VMT4 at Manila Church

For the people who don't have chance to listen to the testimony of VMT4 members and those who want to see word by word again, this blog will post one testimony of VMT4 member each week from now on. Doing so, we can again count the God's grace toward us and other people.

The following testimony is shared by our sister Zara:
In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I speak:
Thank the Lord for giving me this opportunity to share about his love.
I will share about Jesus change my mind, when I was the fourth year in college, it’s a nurse college. During the practical training in hospital, I began to think about my job in the future. I hope I can do my job and also can do church’s work and preach Gospel.
When I was working in the hospital, my patients were very sick, they were going to die; they had no hope and they scared what will happen in their life. I hope I can help them to know God, but as you know nurse is always busy, they don’t have any free time to talk much and they have to work by shift, then I feel very sorry and so sad, I have not enough time to tell them something about God.
Thank God, He change my way. I transfer to another university, my major study is social work, during preparing the exam, Jesus gave me a lot of trials, although I had so many trials, but I didn’t lose my confidence and I still pray to God. The date of entrance exam was my birthday, when I finished the exam I know I can pass the exam, then really I pass it , I thought it’s God’s grace.
Because of the success I was still student and have more free time to work for God, such as preaching in Jakarta and VMT in Manila four times.
I think it’s God gave me opportunity, so I can work for God over sea.
Now, please turn to Philippians chapter 2 Verse 13,
For it is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose.
Hebrew chapter 11 vers1,
Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.
Psalms chapter 37 verse 5,
Commit your way to the LORD; trust in him and he will do this.
May all the glory be given unto our heavenly father, Amen.

Zara Huang 2008/02/08

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

VMT Self-introduction at TJC church in Manila

Guess why we are laughing
I remembered this laugh left between our self-introduction. right?
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VMT4 with Dominican College Students

Taking photo by ourselves....Ha...

Visiting James' family
After mandarin class, James played the Taiwan poliece

Funny face again
Taking photo by ourselves again....pretty girls with James
These are our memory with VMT4
Hope we can share something, anything you want to talk with each other
please post on the blog
it's great to know you (Domonican SS)
I think everyone all learned how to take photo by yourselves
Teacher Rebecca trained you?

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Literal Translation Seminar in Manila Church

Starting from Feb. 16 to 17, we have a literal translation seminar concerning the translation from English to Tagalog. There are 10 college students and church members attended. Sister Gershan is the tutor of this seminar. The seminar will guide members to the translation of five doctrines to Tagalog and to help the evangelize to Filipinos.

We are going to continue the seminars in May and August. Sister Gershan finds that the college students are full of potentiality in writing the Tagalog evangelical articles. Apart from printing the evangelical materials, we hope that in the future Manila Church can publish their own church newsletter and run their own blog.

May God bless the divine work and lead our fore steps. Please pray for the development of Philippine Churches together.


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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

We will meet again

Welcome to True Jesus Church in Manila
On this Sunday, we danced, played fun game, made our own clothes, and had the interesting treasure hunt. It seemed to be happened yesterday. We shared the memory and the smiles. We also prayed and took a picture together.
Although all of us need to went back to Taiwan to continue our work or study,
we can still pray for each other and we know we will meet again one day.

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

你好!!! All Quezon High School students
We were so happy to meet you yesterday. Although it was for a very short time, we cherish the moment spent with you because of your sincere sweetness toward us. We had a great time through praise singing, introduction of Chinese customs, games, and skit. Your energetic response and participation made our hearts full of happiness. It was nice talking to all of you and to have this memory with you. Thank you

When we saw your smile and enjoyed of our program, we knew our training back in Taiwan was worthwhile. Thank our heavenly Father for giving us this opportunity to know you. Hope we still have the chance to know each other more. There will be an event hold by us this Sunday. More fun games, interesting crafts, and songs will be shared. New friends from Taiwan will be introduced to you and they look forward to meeting you. More interesting Taiwan souvenirs will be given out as well. We are all very excited to have be friends with you. We believe there will be many unforgettable memories. Looking forward to seeing you Sunday!!!
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