Thursday, March 27, 2008

Music Camp in Bangkok, Thailand 泰國曼谷音樂營

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The Music Camp in Bangkok Thailand was held between March 23 to 27 in TJC Bangkok. There are more than 12 students joining the camp. The courses include piano playing, composition and singing. An extra music concert was performed on March 26, and the neibours were invited to enjoy the music. (By Jacob)
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Music Camp in North Thailand 泰北音樂營

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Monday, March 24, 2008

How are you today?

Life is simple. When we begin to cherish every gift God gave us, then we can find the true joy hidden behind the test in life. The following testimony is shared by Popo.

This testimony happened when I was ten years old. We went to a hot spring on a Sunday for my family trip. There was a shallow part of the hot spring. There was a row stone in the hot spring, and you can cook eggs between the gaps. The temperature is very high. You need use chopstick to keep it in place. I want to get the chopsticks for my sister, and I thought I would not slip. But went I was about to come up, my right foot fell in the hot spring. Then I took of my right shoe and sock. I saw my skin came apart from my foot. My family took me to rinse my foot immediately and took me to the hospital. After I went home, my foot started to grow bubbles. It was very itchy, but I cannot scratch. About one week later, someone stepped on my right foot when I was at school. My skin fell of, and I cried. Then my classmate took me to the school nurse to wrap my foot. I was worried that it will look ugly like what I saw from the TV commercial. So, I prayed for my foot, I hope it will not have scars. Thank God, my foot looks very normal now. May all the glory and praises be unto God.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

This is why we can meet each other in Manila-David Wu

Following article is talking about why I came to Manila, Philippine and who give me the
chance to come and meet many friends there~

This is my first time coming to the place that is hotter than my country, Taiwan. I want to tell you why I join VMT this time. My elder brother Daniel was the member of VMT1. In my impression, members of VMT1 had many training before they left to Philippine. They gathered because of the great love toward God. At that time, someone in VMT asked me if I wanted to come with them. I gave him a smile and you know what that meant. I rejected. Instead, I went to Vancouver spending my Chinese New Year with my family. After VMT1 coming back from Philippine, they became very good friends. In the last year, I still don’t have the motive joining VMT. Like I always did, I stood aside and considered other people as too progressive to divine work. I asked myself if they want to preach the gospel of God, they could spend their money more efficiently in Taiwan instead of going to an unfamiliar country with unfamiliar language. I was just like Judah in the bible who complained to Jesus about the woman who put an expensive perfume on his head. However, I still stay in my warm nest and did nothing at all. This year, when an old member of VMT asked me if I want to serve the Lord, I hesitated, because I heard what they experienced from God in VMT. I adore and envy their work. Yes I want to have the experience like them, I told to myself. After coming back from VMT, they seemed to grow up in their mind and their faith was strengthened. Therefore, I want to grab the chance this time. I joined the VMT this time. However, my research at my university didn’t go very well. When I talked about this volunteer work to my professor, he answered me, “You should put your experiment on the top first, your progress is delay quite a lot and all second-your graduate student should come back on Feb 11, 2008”. However, by that time my flight ticked had been set and because the period of VMT coming to Philippine was also a winter vacation for Taiwan people, the ticked is hard to buy and don’t mention to change the flight. I’m very worry because if I won’t come back to my laboratory on time, my professor will be mad. Thank God, he let the sister who is responsible for ordering the tickets change the ticket easily. Usually, it’s necessary to have passenger’s passport to change the flight. However, this time, the air company let us change without having the passport. This is why I’m here. May all the glory be given to our heavenly father and all the blessing and peace be with all of brothers and sisters.
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