Sunday, September 16, 2007

Intensive Mandarin Tuition Course (II)

August 25, the Sabbath day
We've got two four visitors joining us.

Shia Shia (the girl in white T-shirt and jeans) and her friends lived this neighborhood.
They attended the hymnal evangelism on August 20.
We told her about out mandarin course and she was very interested.


Here she was!
She also brought two girls with her on August 25 and attended our Sabbath service.


She is a diligent and smart student.
She learned very fast and her pronunciation was excellent!

The next day, Shia Shia attended the class and completed the whole course.
On the day we were leaving Manila, she came to church to saw us off.
Besides, she even sent all the teachers gifts.
I was really touched.
Hope to see you again, Shia Shia, and keep practicing Mandarin!

The other visitor was Rick, a nice gentleman and a Christian.
He also came to our hymnal evangelism in the church yard.

After the hymnal evangelism, we invited him in and had a chat with him.
He planned to work in China after a few months, so he was also interested in Mandarin.
Of course, we invited him to join our Mandarin course.

That was Rick.
He came to Manila church for Mandarin course and also attended the Sabbath service.
I hope the Mandarin couse could be helpful to him, especially he will go to China for work.

What could they learn in only three days?
Three days is too short to learn a language!
Yes, indeed.
But only one day is definitely enough to learn how to intruduce yourself in Mandarin.
Actually, only a couples hours was enough for them.
They already learned how to introduce themselves and memorized this short speech.


Yes, even 7-year-old boy could intruduce himself after a couple hours class.

We will come back next year and there will be Mandarin tuition course again.
The classroom will be in Manila True Jesus Church.
Here's the address: 41 A.Bonifacio stree, Brgy.Kabayanan, San Juan, Manila
It's fun and it's free!
Everyone is invited!

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tjcvmt said...

Yes it is wonderful to learn Mandarin here in the Manila Church.
The address of the church is TRUE JESUS CHURCH , Manila
41 A. Bonifacio
Brgy. Kabayanan, San Juan, Manila

The pastor, bro. Eric's celphone is 0918-709-9659.
And the chairman of the church , bro. Reggie's celphone is 0919-745-3404 Office tel no. +63-2-721-1107, 721-2395