Sunday, September 16, 2007

2007.8.14 Hymnal fellowship at Philadelphia school

Oct.14, 21 members of Joy Scout from Taiwan visited Philadelphia school and had a hymnanal fellowship in the morning.
We all had a good time!


Most of the members of Joy Scout are colledge students and some of them are young teachers


About 65 students attended this fellowship.


There were several wonderful hymns,sing-a-long, skits......
Joy Scout members praised the Lord by their voice, dancing, and talent for music.
Jesus touched their hearts with love and they tried to share this feeling to the whole world.


James played saxophone and we were all enchanted at this moment.

After the performance, we had group discussion and made new friends.


And then, we started to play games together.


This morning, we prepared our lunch by ourselves.
That's hand-made rice roll!


We are so lucky,because dear Ms.Lydia C. Lao also prepared lunch for us.
It was so delicious and we loved it!


Joy Scout gave an appreciation to Ms.Lydia C. Lao.
She is such a nice lady!
We made many new friends and we hope to visit Philadelphia school again!

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