Sunday, September 16, 2007

Intensive Mandarin Tuition Course (I)

Since August 24 to August 26, we held an intensive Mandarin tuition course in Manila church for three days.
Actually, we had taught Mandarin for three weeks in May.
Wanna learn more about the course in May?
Read those two articles below:
1.Welcome to Manila Cinema

2.We want to learn Chinese

Here is the timetable, check it out to learn more:
Timetable of Mandarin tuition course

This time, we are going to review those lesions.It's free of charge and everyone is invited!


9:00AM, August 24
Before I was going to start our first class, 7-year-old Henoche was waving at someone on the street.
It was Joshua, a playmate of Henoche
Henoche sprang up and rushed to Joshua (the one in white shirt) and invited him to join us.


We reviewed the lessons of greetings, appreciation, apology, shopping....etc.


And then,the students were divided into groups and played skits in Mandarin.


Even kids could directed and played an skit by themselves.
The girls were playing" Visiting Chinese Friends".
I was astonished at their performance.Oh!They are so talented!


To be continued......

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