Sunday, November 11, 2007

About VMT

•What is VMT?
VMT stands for Voluntary Missionary Troop, a Taiwanese missionary organization for oversee evangelism. Volunteers are responsible for their own trip expenses.

• Qualification:
Brethrens with a mission to evangelize oversee can register and participate. We also welcome oversee brethrens to join us.
• Goals:
o Preach to oversee Chinese;
o Help to establish a foundation for TJC Manila Church to serve as an example for establishing and managing more churches in the Philippines.
o Build up within Taiwan TJC youth the commission to preach the gospel and root deep the foundation of oversee evangelism.
• Work content:
Join oversee evangelical work. Examples of such work include Chinese language educational evangelical, English language educational evangelical, hymnal evangelical, visitation, international exchange, international scouts’ evangelical camp, and international youth development camp.
• Work Duration:
Length of the trips range from 1 week to 1 month, depending on the nature of the missionary. To accommodate students, most trips take place during summer vacations.
• Locations:
The Philippines and Thailand are the current focus countries.
• Cost:
Volunteers are responsible for sharing trip expenses. Estimated trip cost per person is NT$20,000, including air fare, visa, food, accommodation, transportation, and miscellaneous expenses. Unused fees will be returned to the volunteers; however, in the case additional expenses do incur, volunteers need to submit extra payment.
• Pre-trip training:
Starting two months prior to the trip, we will conduct 2 to 3 trainings on the weekends.
• Work history:
o Feb. 2006: 1 week hymnal evangelical in Manila
o Feb. 2007: 1 week hymnal evangelical in Manila
o May 2007: 3-week Chinese language educational evangelical and visitation in Manila
o Aug. 2007: 2-week hymnal evangelical, international exchange, and international scouts evangelical camp in Manila
o Oct. 2007: 3-week religious education seminar in Thailand

-----2008 Taiwan VMT Action Plan-------
Purpose: Hymnal Evangelism
Date: Feb. 6-19 2008
2/6-12 Hymnal Evangelism targeting the Chinese society
2/13-19 English to Tagalog Translation seminar for Manila youth
Participants: VMT Taiwanese College Students (youth from other English speaking
countries are also welcome to join)

Purpose: Mandarin Language Education Evangelism
Date: April 1-21, 2008
4/1-7 Chinese Culture Camp at Philadelphia High School
4/8-21 Free Mandarin Language Education for Manila youth
and Filipino College Students
Participants: VMT Taiwanese Teachers (church members from other countries
are also welcome to join)

Purpose: Hymnal Evangelism
Date: Aug. 11-31, 2008
8/11-25 Hymnal Evangelism targeting the Chinese society
8/26-31 Hymnal Evangelism Seminar of Mindanao youth
Participants: VMT Taiwanese College Students (youth from other English
speaking countries are also welcome to join)

Collect from church members donated English books for church children and teenagers in the Philippines.

Please mail donated books to TJC Manila or IA Taiwan Office:
41 A. Bonifacio Street,
Brgy. Kabayanan, San Juan, Manila
Bro. Eric Ephan’s phone #: +63-918-7099659
Bro. Regy Gaculmo’s phone #: +63-919-4678647

IA Taiwan Office
Sec.2 Songchu Road
Peitun Region Taichung Taiwan
Tel: +886-4-22436960 #1321 (Dn. Daniel Shiao)

Any inquiries please contact Dn. Daniel Shiao:
Tel: +886-5-2238648


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