Monday, March 24, 2008

How are you today?

Life is simple. When we begin to cherish every gift God gave us, then we can find the true joy hidden behind the test in life. The following testimony is shared by Popo.

This testimony happened when I was ten years old. We went to a hot spring on a Sunday for my family trip. There was a shallow part of the hot spring. There was a row stone in the hot spring, and you can cook eggs between the gaps. The temperature is very high. You need use chopstick to keep it in place. I want to get the chopsticks for my sister, and I thought I would not slip. But went I was about to come up, my right foot fell in the hot spring. Then I took of my right shoe and sock. I saw my skin came apart from my foot. My family took me to rinse my foot immediately and took me to the hospital. After I went home, my foot started to grow bubbles. It was very itchy, but I cannot scratch. About one week later, someone stepped on my right foot when I was at school. My skin fell of, and I cried. Then my classmate took me to the school nurse to wrap my foot. I was worried that it will look ugly like what I saw from the TV commercial. So, I prayed for my foot, I hope it will not have scars. Thank God, my foot looks very normal now. May all the glory and praises be unto God.

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