Thursday, October 4, 2007

True Jesus Church VMT3 與菲華童軍聯誼露營文化交流 1

Cultural Exchange of Friendship Camp at Mt. Makiling
on Aug..24-26 2007 of True Jesus Church VMT and FCSC.
At the first program of Cultural Exchange, Taiwan students
presented the song "Give Thanks" to give praises to the Heavenly Father.

VMT3 與菲華童軍聯誼露營有3天的活動

Video inside

Since 2006 the VMT of Taiwan True Jesus Church started our trip to Philippine.
Finally we have had the opportunity to hold the Friendship Camp with FCSC on Aug. 24-26 2007 . There are 62 members totally, comprised of 37 students ,8 scouters and 17 college students from Taiwan, enjoyed three wonderful days.
After the camping the Filipino-Chinse Scouts generously invited Taiwan college students to pay them visits and to extend the lovely friendship we had.


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珍惜當下 said...

It's a serious moment while we were singing the song" give thanks".
Without God's will who can carry out this special activity of FCSC and TJC VMT.
Lord, we adore thee and give thanks, praises to You.